Law Office Sven Sillar

Lawyer Sven Sillar has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 1999. In 1999-2006 he gained his everyday working experience as a lawyer while working in the law firms of Toomas Keevallik, Aivar Pilv and Entsik&Sillar. With the cooperation of Tartu University and the Estonian Bar Association, Sven Sillar has also been practising law in different law offices in Germany (Lauprecht Rechtsanwälte in Kiel and König Rechtswälte in Trier). Sven Sillar served as a member of the Estonian Bar Association’s revision committee in 2009-2013, while in 2011-2013 he was the head of the same committee.

Law office Sven Sillar was established in 2007. The law office is mainly specialising in the issues of criminal law (defending individuals in the process of preliminary investigation and in the courts). The lawyers defend their clients mainly in economic criminal offences (money laundering, tax offences) but also in offences committed against individuals.

Lawyer Sven Sillar successfully defended Anton Geri in the biggest money laundering case in Estonia, where he was accused of legalising 64 million euros which the court assumed was gained illegally. He also represented the spouse of Herman Simm who was accused of contributing to the disclosing of state secrets and Arnold Meri who was accused of genocide. In addition, he has gained numerous positive court judgements in tax offences. Many of his positive court judgements have become guiding principles for interpreting and applying criminal law uniformly.

In 2013 lawyer Andrei Matvejev joined the law office. He is mainly involved in the court defence processes in Eastern-Virumaa and is based in Narva where the law office Sven Sillar opened its branch in 2014.

Considering the international impact of current day criminality, the law office Sven Sillar has established close relationships with many internationally acknowledged law offices in Europe and Russia (incl. Saint-Petersburg and Moscow).

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